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10 Evernote Tips For School - Education Series


1. Take notes in class 授業ノートを取る

This one seems like it should be obvious, but I can’t believe how many students still type their notes in multiple programs to deal with the availability problem. Evernote keeps every class note in a single application, making it so much easier to scan through several days’ worth of notes the night before a test.

どうやら、ノートPCでノートを取るのがデフォルトみたいですね^^; いまの日本の大学生はどうなんでしょうか? 自分が今大学生なら、ぜひ授業ノートをEvernoteに集めたいですね。友達とシェアするのも簡単ですし、検索もできるし、まとめることもできる。 あぁ、いろんな意味で大学生に戻りたい。

2. Go paperless ペーパーレスで快適スクールライフ

If you’re anything like me, you probably have trouble keeping track of the handouts teachers like to pass out. You can use a scanner, or even your phone’s camera, to quickly digitize your syllabi, project descriptions, and graded papers so that you never have to worry about losing the original copies.

学校に行ってると、溜まる一方の紙。授業のレジュメ、小テスト、課題などなど、捨てるに捨てれないって方も多いんじゃないでしょうか? でも、Evernoteなら大丈夫!スキャナーでスキャンしたり、カメラで撮ってEvernoteに入れることができますよ。

3. Portable textbooks いつでも持ち運べるノート

When studying for a test, sometimes you only need your textbook for a few charts and graphs. Instead of lugging that 1000-page monster to the library, just scan or take photos of the pages you need into Evernote, and access them online in your favorite study spot.

例えば、テスト勉強で図書館に行く場合、何冊も参考書とプリントの山をを鞄に詰めて出かけてませんか? 図書館に着いた途端に、入れ忘れたプリントがあると悔しいですよね? でも、Evernoteなら大丈夫!2.でスキャンしたプリントは、いつでもどこでも見られるから、持ってこなかったっていう悔しい思いをせずに済みます。 いっそのこと教科書も電子化すれば・・・そこまでは試したことないですがちょっと興味ありますね。

4. Handwritten notes 手書きのノートもバッチリ♪

As great as typing your notes can be, there are still some classes where handwritten notes are all but required. Once you are finished, always take a quick snapshot of your notes and paste it into Evernote, allowing you to access them anywhere. Never again will you have a minor heart attack when you spill coffee on your notebook.


Never again will you have a minor heart attack when you spill coffee on your notebook.


5. Manage your different lives 学生生活をまるごと扱える!

Students are so many things these days: scholars, interns, friends, club presidents. You can set up different notebooks in Evernote to give these activities their own space, but everything will still be in a central hub. It’s like having filing cabinets that are with you everywhere.


6. Never forget a number もう忘れない。僕の受験番号。

You’re asked to remember a lot of random numbers as students, especially at the beginning of the school year. It helps to keep your student ID#, mailbox combination, and even friends’ room numbers in Evernote, at least until they’re safely burned into your memory.


7. Window shopping 家に居ながらウィンドウショッピング♪

Students love to buy new things. Unfortunately, we usually don’t have very much money. Next time you see a pair of jeans tempting you from outside your price range, take some pictures of the display rack and the tag and store them in Evernote. You’ll have no trouble finding the items again once you coerced Some money out of your parents.

You’ll have no trouble finding the items again once you coerced some money out of your parents.ってのがよくわかりませんが、Evernoteに欲しいものをいれておけば、いつでも眺めて、まるでWindow shoppingをしてる気分を味わえるって行ってるんですかね。

8. Make PDFs smarter PDFをよりパワフルに!!

A lot of school libraries will now scan short readings for classes and distribute them online to students. This cuts down on textbook costs and prevents students from competing for the library’s one copy of the book, but these PDFs are often of low quality and won’t let you highlight or scan for keywords. If you want the files to be a little more searchable, just drop them in Evernote and let the text recognition go to work. (Searching within PDFs is a premium only feature, view all of the premium features here).

PDFもそのまんまじゃただのファイル。パワフルに使うには、Searchable 検索可能にしてなんぼですよね。Evernoteなら放り込めば、PDFも検索可能ですぜ。ただし、プレミアム限定か。自分は、Google AnalyticsのPDFレポートを毎日Evernoteに入れてるのですが、なかなか快適に見れますよ!

9. Record important lectures 大切な講義を聞き逃さない!

Professor speak a little too fast? Want to capture his hint-laden test review discussion in its entirety? You can record audio notes on your phone or iPad right in Evernote so you can rest assured that you won’t miss a thing.

先生の話もレコーディングしておけばいいんですね。そして、自分は夢の中へ・・・ってそれは、ダメですね。でも、ちょっとした音声と映像を録っておくってことは、これからやっていきたいことです。Let’s logging lifelog!

10. Organize your research 研究にもEvernoteが活きる!

We have to juggle A lot of information sources when researching a paper. Evernote makes it easy to drop all those links, PDFs, charts, and book scans into a single, easily searchable notebook. This beats the pants off frantically searching your hard drive and web history for sources when you have a due date looming.


大学院生のための3種の神器~Evernote,Dropbox,Twitter~ - SIS Lab


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